About Maven Retail Partners

Maven Retail Partners was established to help our clients increase their revenue through the addition of retail channels to their sales pipeline. Our team has over 20 years of combined experience increasing the bottom line for companies by bringing manufacturers and retailers together for a win-win, profitable situation for all parties involved.

We are experts in establishing successful relationships with Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), drugstore retailers, mass-market retailers, independent retailers, specialty retailers and online retailers. Our current industries include furniture, baby/kids products, health/fitness, beauty, dietary supplements and natural products. With extensive experience in Direct to Consumer marketing, we help DRTV companies who have successfully sold their products to consumers directly, transition from Internet marketing to brick and mortar retail marketing.

Maven Retail Partners offers a turnkey service that acts as a sales team pitching your product to buyers, savvy marketers who prepare sell sheets, wholesale and distributor order forms, as well as additional marketing collateral. Our team also   completes the new vendor set up process on your behalf and helps to get the first Purchase Order placed for your product. We also hold your hand on the logistics side, as you make your first shipment to the retailer.

Our team will help you achieve success via a strategic roll out plan and our existing personal relationships to help maximize profits in multiple retail channels.

Lindsey Carnett- CEO/President

Lindsey is successful at achieving multi-channel distribution for clients in a variety of product categories. From Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), drugstore retailers, mass market retailers, independent retailers, specialty retailers and online retailers, Lindsey knows how to maximize a company’s product roll out strategy for the most short-term and long-term success.

She brings extensive experience in the dietary supplement and natural products categories, having completed retail distribution transactions with specialty stores Vitamin Shoppe and Vitamin World, drugstores Walgreen’s, CVS/pharmacy, Rite Aid and Duane Reade, grocery stores Pathmark and Kroger’s, mass market retailers Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, as well as a licensing agreement with MLM giant Amway.

Lindsey’s health and fitness products have been successful with specialty retail distribution at GNC as well as online retail distribution at Drugstore.com and Amazon.com, among others. In the baby category, Maven Retail Partners’ tradeshow buyer outreach and marketing collateral programs have contributed to retail distribution with USA Baby, The Pump Station and others.

Gifted with a knack of bringing European products to the USA, in only three months, Lindsey and her team were able to secure national retail distribution for Norwegian furniture client Spinnaker at Scandinavian Designs, Bloomingdale’s, CSN Stores, Amazon.com, among other smaller retailers.

Lindsey earned her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Communications with an emphasis in Advertising and Public Relations from California Lutheran University. She is also the CEO/President of Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc., specializing in publicity for lifestyle and consumer products and services.

Luke Smith – Vice President of Distribution

Characterized by his work ethic, honesty and “get it done” attitude, Luke brings a wealth of logistics, retail and online distribution experience to Maven Retail Partners. Having imported international furniture to the USA, he established lasting relationships with retailers and wholesalers.

Earning retail distribution for clients, Luke has worked closely with retailers CSN Stores, Hayneedle, ATG Stores, Brookstone, Amazon and many others.

Luke earned his Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from San Jose State University.  He has also taken great pride in many years of event planning, both professionally and for charity.

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